Here are the Top 20 RRQ Mabar School Ambassadors S2, Curious!

The Top 20 RRQ Mabar School Ambassadors S2 are out. You can check it below. I wonder if your name is there?
Previously, a number of auditions were held to get the names that entered the Top 50 RRQ Mabar School Ambassador S2. There was an offline interview (8/10) to the judges’ assessment of the social media content creation challenges given to the participants.

To enter the next round, the Top 50 were then faced with a more in-depth interview stage. This interview is related to the talents that the participants have.

So, who made it through to become the Top 20 RRQ Mabar School Ambassador S2? Here is the list of names.

Top 20 RRQ Mabar School Ambassador S2

1. Febe Levani Mackenzie – SMAN 70 Jakarta
2. Siti Rahma Azeth – SMAI Harapan Ibu Jakarta
3. Deike Rifqa Prasiwi – SMAI Panglima Soedirman 1 Bekasi
4. Kayra Nurani Agatha – SMAN 47 Jakarta
5. Ellen Shania Lurick – SMAN 46 Jakarta
6. Aurely Meisya Airany – SMAN 14 Jakarta
7. Glenys Auralatia Marcello – SMAS Bunda Hati Kudus Jakarta
8. Ciellolia Cinta N. – SMAN 12 Jakarta
9. Raihanna Bonawijaya – SMAS BPI 2 Bandung
10. Naufa Ananda Putri – SMAN 3 Jakarta
11. Aisha Namira Arieputri – Yadika 3 Tangerang High School
12. Prischa Rachmita Andeansyah Putri – SMAN 71 Jakarta
13. Raisa Salsabila – SMAN 68 Jakarta
14. Vania Dwi Ramadani – SMA 1 Cicalengka
15. Isabel Angelina Sianturi – SMAN 8 Jakarta
16. Gizelle Tantono – Santa Ursula High School Jakarta
17. Charlene Audrey – SMAN 2 Jakarta
18. Keyla Rimeicha Ananda Putri – SMAN 70 Jakarta
19. RR Maheswari Ega C.P – SMAN 85 Jakarta
10. Athaya Syahrin Maulika – SMAI Harapan Ibu Jakarta

Those are the names that made it to the Top 20 RRQ Mabar School Ambassador S2. Congratulations to those selected!

RRQ Mabar is a program to give a stage to female high school students, to showcase their talents, especially content creation.

“Our focus is on children who are everyday students, so they can have a place to challenge themselves to create content creation. So this is what we are looking for today, we want to get to know them, we want to meet them directly,” said Aziz Hasibuan, Director of RRQ Mabar some time ago.

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